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Message from the Founder


Powder technologies play an important role in a variety of industrial fields, such as for the wealth of products we use in our daily lives (food, clothing and shelter, and medical treatment), for technologies, including high purification and micromachining for new materials under development for future, and for preventing the environmental destruction, air pollution in particular, which is a problem on global scale. Powder engineering is the field of study that conducts fundamental research and development on such powder technologies.

My father established Hosokawa Iron Works (the current Hosokawa Micron Corporation) in April 1917, and then I took over the management of the company. After that, the company established a variety of powder related technologies and has made a name for itself in the industry through these technologies. During that time, the company received much scholarly support from a variety of sources. Social needs for powder technologies continue to increase and are becoming more advanced, so the importance of powder engineering, which is fundamental to these technologies, continues to grow. I would be most pleased if I can use my private property to return to society as much as possible through the promotion of scholarship, especially powder engineering.

For these reasons, we have established the Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation, mainly aiming at supporting powder engineering here and abroad, while conducting powder engineering related activities, such as providing rewards for superior research and results in this field, promoting international exchange, and holding and supporting research presentations and symposiums. Through these activities, we will contribute to the expansion of research on powder engineering and peripheral technologies.

I am confident that our social contribution that promotes scholarship will not only benefit humankind, but also lead to a better environment for the beautiful natural world.

With the establishment of this foundation on the 75th anniversary of the founding Hosokawa Micron Corporation, which has been concentrating on powder, it would please me greatly if this foundation provides an opportunity to play a major role in promoting powder engineering in a variety of areas.

December 20, 1991
Masuo Hosokawa
Founding President
Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation

Message from the President


Since about 70% of the chemical substances in the world we live are in a solid state, most materials utilized in our society are produced by use of powder processing. Furthermore, this century was started with the word of “Nanotechnology”, which has brought very promising “Nanoparticle Technology” full of dreams into the field of powder technology. When the particle size of solid materials is getting as fine as in the range of nanometer, many interesting phenomena have been found such as the reduction of the melting point, which had been believed intrinsic property of the material and the change of the color emitted from the material depending upon the particle size by the quantum effect. Making use of these unique properties of nanoparticles, development of new functional materials has been promoted and being put on the commercial basis.

In this way, the powder science and technology are called as an engine for the growth and progress of the current human society, because their advancement is the key for the development of useful materials for the society in the future as well as the processing technology for their production.

In order to promote the powder technology, which plays an important role in any age, our Foundation has continued the following activities;
(1) Awarding the researchers who have accomplished splendid work in the field of powder technology,
(2) Financial supporting for the powder technology researchers,
(3) Publication of an international scientific journal “KONA Powder and Particle Journal”,
(4) Holding the Symposium on Powder Technology.

The modern society is making solid progress toward the civilization with high quality, where people can live a healthy and safe life with material and spiritual satisfaction. For the purpose to realize it, powder materials of higher level and quality are indispensable and further advancement of powder science and technology is strongly required.

Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation intends to make efforts for the promotion of powder technology in the world in the future as well and we would like to ask for the support and advice from you in a wide variety of fields.

February 28, 2014
Yoshio Hosokawa
Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation